Terms and Conditions

Wet Weather

If it is raining on the day of your lesson, unless otherwise agreed, your instructor will be in touch to inform you of a change of location at least 2 hours before, and will be relocated to somewhere sheltered.

Sheltered Locations we use are:

Royal Oak Skatepark  : :  Hammersmith Flyover Open Space  : :  Southbank Skate Space. 

Booking and Payments

Once a booking has been made and payment received you will receive an email with all the details of your lesson including your instructors mobile number.


We have a 48 hour cancellation policy which means it is up to the customer to check on the weather forecasts and inform us 48 hours prior to the cancellation or re-scheduling of any lesson. Failure to do so may result in loss of the lesson and your payment.

Except in exceptional circumstance all lessons are non-refundable.

Disclaimer and Insurance

Before the lesson all participants must sign a disclaimer form for insurance purposes with parent or guardian signing for children. This is to confirm that you understand and agree that skateboarding is a dangerous sport and comes with associated risks.

During the Lesson

Always listen to your instructor and follow their instructions as they are there to keep you safe and help you learn.

The following safety equipment is required during lessons;

Helmet : : Elbow Pads : : Knee Pads : : Wrist Guards

Please let us know if you need these to be supplied or have your own.

Any misconduct or reckless behaviour may result in injury or the lesson being terminated.

These Terms and Conditions may change, so please check back in here frequently.